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Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer owned by Fuji Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. Subaru is a Japanese word for the Pleiades constellation which can be seen in the logo of the manufacturer. Subaru is a small manufacturer compared with some other brands, but Subaru is also a highly profitable company for many years. Subaru is known as a brand that produces high quality vehicles. But, just like any other type of vehicle, Subaru car owners can experience problems with their cars over time. One of the most common problems is head gasket malfunctioning.

Signal Garage has the necessary knowledge and experience to solve any Subaru head gasket related problem. The head gasket is the most complex set of mechanical parts in the engine, considering its functions and the pressure to which it is exposed. Dynamic and thermal stresses are extremely high and even the smallest mistakes and defects in this part can cause serious damages to the engine in general. Damaged head gasket can deteriorate the performance of your Subaru and increase fuel consumption. That’s why it is very important to repair the head gasket as soon as possible.

The most common failures in head gasket are wearing of the valves and valve guides, cylinder head damage, damage and local ruptures inside the head, combustion of one or several valves, had damage due to impacts and other unexpected damages. The worst occurrence which regularly leaves consequences is engine overheating. Burnt valves are usually a result of neglect in the process of setting valves in the engine that have mechanical valve lifters. By adjusting the valves you can be sure that the valves are normally closing the intake and exhaust ducts in order to exchange gas in the cylinder without any loss. If the cylinder stops working you can expect power loss and uneven engine functioning and a series of dangerous effects for the engine – oil film cracking, dry friction, extremely high temperatures, piston melting etc. The risk increases if you continue driving your Subaru in this state.

When this condition is detected, the engine should be shut down immediately and the car should be towed to the nearest auto service. Keep in mind that the most expensive and most demanding Subaru head gasket repairs are those made on powerful engines with many valves. A thorough and high quality repair may cost more than a thousand of dollars. That’s why it is important to choose a quality service like Signal Garage because we can successfully find the problem, repair it quickly and you will also get the best price. In addition, you should know few things that we always do when we perform a Subaru head gasket repair.

First of all, we always take the heads to a professional machine shop in order to see if the surface is warped or not and to confirm the state of the head gasket. The machine shop also checks all the valves too. We also use high quality materials and parts when we replace the head gasket. In this way we know that your Subaru will serve you well in the next years. We recommend changing of the head bolts and discuss changing of timing belt and other car parts when we perform the repair in order to save the customer a lot of time and money in the long run.

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