If your car is overheating, it’s important to have the issue checked out by our technicians as soon as possible. Engines can overheat for many reasons, but it’s most commonly caused by an issue with the cooling system. It could be caused include a leak in the system, a faulty radiator fan, a broken water pump, or even a clogged coolant hose. Overheating could also be caused by a blown head gasket. Regardless of the source, overheating can lead to permanent engine damage and other expensive repairs, so it’s not something to ignore.

What to do if Your Car is Overheating

Signs your car is overheating include a rising temperature gauge, followed by steam coming from under the hood. There may also be a sweet burning smell. Knowing what to do when your auto is overheating can help you stay prepared and prevent further damage to your vehicle. If your car overheats, follow these steps:

  1. If the AC is running, turn it off.
  2. Rev the engine to engage the water pump and draw in some cooling air.
  3. Avoid pulling over. If there is steam rising from under the hood or you’re uncomfortable though, pull over.
  4. Turn the heater up while driving. It sounds counterintuitive, but it will help cool down the engine.
  5. Once you’ve arrived at your destination or have pulled over, shut your vehicle off and open the hood. Everything will be extremely hot, so DON’T attempt to open the coolant reservoir or anything else under the hood until the engine has had a chance to cool down.
  6. Call Signal Garage to diagnose and repair the issue.

Unfortunately, auto overheating isn’t a problem that will get better over time. Even if the temperatures look OK after the first time it overheats, it will overheat again. So, don’t wait to have the issue fixed and risk engine damage! Schedule an appointment with us today at one of our three convenient locations in St. Paul or West St. Paul.

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