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If you are looking for an automotive repair shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, you should know that there are dozens of shops like these all over the city. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all these repair shops can provide the same level of quality at similar prices. By doing a proper research you can select an automotive repair shop that will fix your car or truck quickly, professionally and at a relatively low price. There are few things that you should take into consideration during this process. You should find a repair shop that is member of some association, a repair shop that can provide customer references etc. These are probably suggestions that you can read everywhere and they apply for every service you want to use, but what many people forget is to ask is the shop’s warranty policy. If the shop is offering good warranty then this is a clear sign that they are convinced that they are providing quality service. Not all warranties have the same value so make sure you read what does the warranty cover.

Signal Garage Auto Care is one of the best automotive repair shops in St.Paul and their exclusive nationwide limited repair warranty is one of the main reasons for their success. This warranty is issued by the repair shop itself. It is good to point out that this warranty applies only for the original purchaser/user and in case the vehicle is sold the warranty doesn’t extend. Furthermore, this warranty can be accepted by some other facilities that are part of the program in which Signal Garage Auto Care participates. So, what exactly does this warranty cover?

The warranty is useless if it covers only specific aspects of the service and that’s why Signal Garage made an effort to include all the important things and aspects of the repairs in their warranty. They have a one year (or 12.000 miles of use) warranty which covers potential problems within: brake system, air conditioning, heating and general climate systems, engine cooling system, electrical system, exhaust system, fuel system, engine performance, ignition system, cruise control system, electronic engine management system, suspension system and minor repairs. To put it in simple words, this warranty is here to protect the clients from all the possible problems in the main systems of every vehicle after the repair is finished. Of course, this warranty is available only for those who are using vehicles for non commercial use and for owners who are using their vehicles in a normal way. If the vehicle was damaged by misuse, accident, neglect or superior force the warranty doesn’t apply. This warranty cannot be modified. In order to use this warranty you will only need to show the warranty and a copy of the original repair invoice.

As you can see choosing a automotive repair shop in St. Paul is a must for all those who want to be sure that they are getting quality auto repair services.