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For drivers living in and commuting through St. Paul on a regular basis, there are some regional driving hazards that can easily send you to the auto repair shop. For anyone who has been to the beautiful city, they may have happened upon one of what locals call the “Terrible Twenty”, which are twenty of city’s worst streets to drive on. The problem of course is potholes. During the Winter months, when snow and ice can cause problems for many drivers, it can also wear away at the roads. While not all of the common driving hazards happen during the Winter, a good portion of the major ones do.

Potholes and improper drainage can be an issue all year round.

Aside from making a trip a lot more bumpy, potholes can do a number on suspension systems. From tire treads to steering shafts, a nasty pothole can cause a lot of damage. Your local auto repair shop in St. Paul, MN, such as Signal Garage, can help fix wheels and realign your vehicle to help keep running smoothly. The best way to avoid them is to become familiar with alternate routes that have better maintained streets.

Snow, Ice, Slush, and peephole drivers.

During the Winter months, heavy snows and icy conditions can make the roads a “only if you must” territory. Aside from the obvious concerns regarding the weather, there are also concerns about drivers who peephole. For those unfamiliar, peephole driving is when drivers do not properly clear their windows of snow and ice, opting to only make small peepholes in the front windshield. These drivers pose a lot of danger to other cars and pedestrians during the winter. Accidents caused by and involving drivers who do not follow common laws regarding visibility can create a fair bit of strain on auto repair shops in some areas.

Winterizing your tires in severe weather by using approved quality winter treads can help reduce issues with snow and ice. An auto repair shop that is located in the St. Paul,MN area can help you prepare your vehicle for Winter. Always clear your windows before driving during the Winter and give a wide berth to drivers who have not. When possible have a passenger make not of the person violating the law and report it to the none emergency police line. The more drivers who are penalized for putting others in danger, the less there will be.

Summer hazards.

During the hot Summer months, the biggest issue that drivers may face are coolant imbalances and drained batteries. Hot weather can cause fluids to be used up more quickly than in other months, sometimes do to straight evaporation from the heat. Batteries are more sensitive to hot weather and can discharge more quickly when left exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods during the Summer. Keeping an eye on your coolant levels and checking the charge on your battery, either at home or at an auto repair shop can help keep you ahead of Summertime problems.