Jeep Tune Up St PaulGet your next Jeep tune up in St Paul at the conveniently located Signal Garage Auto Care. We have three locations, two in St. Paul and another in West St. Paul for your convenience. Our service advisors are ASE-Certified and can tune up a Jeep with practiced ease. You can trust us to keep up to date on the latest Jeep factory maintenance techniques and requirements, as well as perform repairs when necessary. We service most makes and models of foreign or domestic car and truck, whether they’re gas, diesel, or hybrid.

Need more information before you make a decision? You got it! Signal Garage is one of only 15,000 Bosch Authorized Service Centers in the world, making us truly unique. Only a handful of Minnesota auto care centers have this distinction, which we maintain through a rigorous set of criteria. It allows us to attend Bosch facility training, purchase specialized gear, and offer Bosch’s “No Interest For 6 Months” financing program to our customers. We’re a female-friendly shop, providing women a place to come where they feel comfortable and respected. We also offer a three-fold guarantee on all our service. We want you to be happy and we’re confident we’ll do an excellent job on your vehicle!

When you schedule a Jeep tune up at our St Paul location, you’ll know you’re getting a professional job every step of the way. We perform both electronic engine diagnostic tests and a visual inspection so we can catch anything our technology may have missed. Sometimes an engine returns a bad code and only an experienced auto technician can catch the mistake with a visual check. When we tune up a Jeep, we never go halfway. That’s a promise.

We’re happy to offer you a great local location to bring your car or truck no matter what you need. We not only cover tune ups, we also take care of specialized service and repairs. Let us know what you need! Please call 651-690-1487 (St. Paul, Grand Ave location), 651-728-6200 (St. Paul, Marshall Ave location) or, 651-457-2668 (West St. Paul location) or use our online form to make an appointment!

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