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There is at least one major holiday in every season of the year, and many of them can lead to a lengthy trip, either as part of a vacation or to visit relatives. While there a lot of options when it comes to traveling, many people still opt to pack up the car and use the country’s roads. On the checklist that many people make when getting ready for a lengthy trip, a visit the auto repair shop is often near the top. If it is not, then at the least some routine points on the vehicle should be inspected before heading out. Getting a vehicle in top condition at least a week before the planned trip can help ensure that any issues that require a bit of work can be complete and tested in time. At the very least, you should make sure to have you roadside and insurance cards up to date and in the glove box, should anything go wrong.

Fluids and tires should be checked and topped off.

When it comes to your vehicle’s fluid levels, the inspection process is fairly easy and most driver’s should already be familiar with them. If not, it is a good idea to look up a guide online, or attend a brief class. Signal Garage in St. Paul, MD offers frequent instructional sessions to help teach basic car maintenance. The sign of a truly exceptional auto repair shop is one that is open to customers asking questions and learning how to take care of their vehicle. Though, no matter if you do so yourself and have them checked at the shop, all fluid levels should be good and tire pressures should be on point as well. Some consider it a good idea to take a vehicle in and get an oil change and basic inspection before long distance trips, just to be sure there are no signs of trouble you may not see. Another bit of maintenance that people will tend to in preparation for a long trip is the air filter. Depending on the destination, you can ask the mechanic at your auto repair shop if there are any other recommended bits of maintenance.

One point many drivers do not consider is the difference in laws.

Each state has their own set of laws in regards to vehicles and the modifications they allow. Before heading off, its a good idea to check and see if there is anything on the vehicle that may warrant a ticket in the destination state. Common aspects that are regulated include heavy Winter treads or snow spikes, window tinting, and ornamental lights. It is always wise to be prepared and if need be, to have lighting that sits along the bottom edges temporarily disabled. Some state or local troopers can be very serious in enforcing these regulations and nothing can dampen a trip like a hefty ticket or two. The charge for making these regulation friendly and temporary changes to your vehicle at an an auto repair shop in St. Paul, MD is often a lot lower than the ticket.