When you have an oil leak, it’s important to schedule an appointment at Signal Garage Auto Care in West St Paul. Any type of automotive leak should be addressed quickly, but this is especially true if you have an oil leak. This is because oil provides lubrication for the moving parts of the engine, which reduces friction that can lead to overheating and worn or failed parts.

Signs Your Car Engine is Leaking Oil

Some common signs your car engine is leaking oil includes:

  • Drops of oil under your car
  • Oil stains on the driveway
  • The oil light flickers on and off
  • The smell of burning oil
  • Smoke coming from the engine

One of the most common reasons for oil leaks in West St Paul is a degraded engine gasket. However, they can also be caused by other issues, like a rusted hole in the oil pan, corroded or broken oil seals, missing or broken filler caps. A worn or dirty oil filter can also cause oil leaks, which is one reason why routine oil changes are so important.

Regular oil changes help to keep the engine free of debris and ensure the moving parts of the engine stay lubricated properly. It also gives our technicians an opportunity to spot any issues that might be starting to develop – before they can become a larger, more expensive problem.

Get Your Oil Leak Repaired at Signal Garage in West St Paul!

If you need an oil leak repair in West St Paul, it’s best to have the issue addressed right away. Taking care of the issue quickly can help prevent the possibility of breakdowns or more expensive repairs! Our nationally certified ASE technicians will quickly diagnose the cause of the oil leak and can also help you get on a regular oil change and maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle running smoothly.