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Need Wheel Alignment? Have you noticed that it is difficult to control your automobile? Have you noticed that your automobile steers a little more to the left or right while you are trying to drive in a straight line? Then you need to get familiar with wheel alignment, as it will make the difference between driving straight without any fuss and having to deal with maintenance on your automobile that could have been avoided below is everything you need to know about wheel alignment and why you need it.


First: what is wheel alignment?


Wheel alignment involves the process of analyzing and ultimately adjusting the angle of your automobile’s wheels in relation to one another and dually the entire body of your automobile. This allows your automobile to drive in the direction your vehicle’s wheel is pointing. While it may sound unnecessary, nothing could be further from the truth.


Why is wheel alignment necessary?


Wheel alignment is necessary for a few reasons: most notably because improper alignment will unnecessarily degrade your automobile’s tires over time. Improper alignment cannot be avoided due to the wear and tear of the rubber bushings of your automobile’s suspension and the sagging of the springs of the vehicle at large. Moreover, aligning your wheels is also necessary in the event that you accidentally hit a large pothole, a curb, after your vehicle has undergone the replacement of any vital suspension/steering mechanisms, and especially after you have an accident.


How do you know when wheel alignment is needed?


One of the big giveaways that you need wheel alignment was stated earlier. If you cannot drive in a straight line, then you most certainly need to have your automobile’s wheels aligned. If it pulls the one side, feels unstable, your tire screech when they are turning, and especially if the tires are wearing an evenly, it is important that you have your wheels aligned immediately.


How often should you align the wheels of your automobile?


Because every automobile is different, there is no universal rule that states how often you need wheel alignment. Most auto mechanics suggest getting your wheels aligned every three years. Whenever you get new wheels installed onto your vehicle, you should also obtain wheel alignment as well. If the tires of your automobile are wider than most vehicles or if it is a sports car, consider getting a wheel alignment annually.


So how does this help me?


The biggest reason why wheel alignment helps your automobile is because it will save you unnecessary money in the long run. By taking extra care to ensure that your wheels are aligned properly, this will minimize the need for costly repairs. It also helps you to avoid any accidents while on the road. Your vehicle will never run the risk of jerking to one side uncontrollably and causing you to crash. Because your wheels are aligned, you can easily control the direction of your automobile and ensure that everyone on the road stays safe due to your diligence to safety and ensuring your wheels are aligned properly.