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Find a skilled technician to perform a tune up on your Ford right here in St Paul. Signal Garage Auto Care has locations in both St Paul and West St Paul for your convenience. As an independently owned auto repair shop, we’re able to offer professional service for a large range of makes and models, both domestic and foreign. We’re particularly proud of our ability to offer Ford factory recommended maintenance and repairs, so please don’t hesitate to call us and set up a time for your Ford tune up.

Your Source for Full Service Ford Repair

Ford is one of the American greats – a domestic maker of cars and trucks that are dependable and well-designed. In order to get the most out of your vehicle, it’s important to make sure it gets its routine Ford factory recommended maintenance on the proper schedule. This is one of the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle, as well as avoid potential problems before they turn into serious repairs. A typical tune up on your Ford at our St Paul shop will include:

  • Fluid check and change
  • Tire rotation
  • Engine inspection
  • Filter change

We’ll do whatever we can to make sure this service is convenient for you, whether you need a ride to work or a low-rent rental car to get you through the day. If your car needs any minor repairs in the meantime, you’ll be able to save on some labor costs by combining your maintenance and service appointments if we’ll be working in the same area as the repair. Signal Garage is a full-service shop, which means we provide everything from routine maintenance to extensive repairs, and we’re excellent for multi-car households. Rather than waiting around a dealership where you’re nothing but a number, you’ll know you’ll always be treated like a neighbor when you come see us.

Don’t trust your car care to just anyone – trust it to one of the top independent shops in the St Paul area! Set up an appointment for a tune up on your Ford today by calling 651-690-1487 (St Paul) or 651-457-2668 (West St Paul) now. You’ll find an inclusive, woman-friendly environment here.

Grand Avenue

2050 Grand Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105
8AM – 5:30PM
(651) 690-1487

Marshall Avenue

1592 Marshall Avenue
St Paul, MN 55104
8AM – 5:30PM
(651) 728-6200

West Saint Paul

84 Moreland Ave East
West St Paul, MN 55118
8AM – 5:30PM
(651) 457-2668

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