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Schedule your next VW tune up in West St Paul at the convenient nearby Signal Garage Auto Care location! Our skilled team provides quality VW factory maintenance that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. There’s no doubt that the best way to keep your car running well for years to come is to make sure to get a regular tune up for your VW. Scheduled maintenance gives your auto technician the opportunity to inspect your car and find any small problems before they turn into big trouble.

On a typical day when you come in for a VW tune up at our West St Paul location, your technician will perform an overall vehicle inspection to make sure all your lights are working and your tire tread looks good. They may also check wiper blades, gas caps, and other external elements on your car to make sure everything’s in working order. The auto tech will also perform a visual inspection of the engine so we can make recommendations for repairs according to VW factory maintenance standards. We’ll also run engine diagnostics, but the visual inspection is key because a professional service provider can spot something the diagnostics missed or misdiagnosed. If everything looks good and no replacements are necessary, we’ll replace fluids as necessary, including but not limited to oil, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, or coolant. Then comes tire rotation and wheel alignment to ensure everything’s wearing evenly and your car isn’t going to list one way or the other while you drive. We may also replace the air filters, check the battery, and replace the spark plugs if needed. All of this maintenance helps prevent residue from building up on your engine block, improves the efficiency of your auto systems, and ensures your safety.

Have questions? No problem, we love to talk things over with our customers. It’s important to us that you feel valued and respected. Next time you need a VW tune up in West St Paul, we hope you’ll come see us. Please call 651-690-1487 (St. Paul, Grand Ave location), 651-728-6200 (St. Paul, Marshall Ave location) or, 651-457-2668 (West St. Paul location) or use our online form to make an appointment!

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