Ladies, Give Us One Hour And You’ll Never Fear Auto Repair Again!

At our Women and Wheels Car Care Workshop we’ll discuss the things everyone must know before having their car repaired. Recent statistics show that over 70% of women are the decision makers when choosing who repairs and maintains their family’s cars. But how do you choose the right repair shop? Are you going to the dealer, even though you know that it is far more expensive? Is the fear of being taken advantage of or having unnecessary repairs done, driving you to some place you ‘think’ you can trust? How do you really know you’re getting exactly what you paid for? It is questions like these that prompted Signal Garage Auto Care to organize a women’s car care clinic.

The Knowledge Presented At This Event Will Save You Thousands of Dollars From Unnecessary Car Repairs. These topics and many more will be covered in detail:

  • How you can be sure your not being ripped off.
  • The 7 questions you must ask any automotive repair facility before you set up an appointment.
  • What maintenance items are really important and what is just fluff?
  • How to Jump start your vehicle safely
  • We will have a few “stations” for show and tell

Every spring we open our shop for the Women Car Care Event and any woman who never again wants to have that frightening, out of control feeling when they think of car repair. We will give you the questions and answers you need to never fear automotive repair again. As vehicles become more and more complicated, and the level of knowledge necessary to repair them correctly increases, choosing the right repair shop is critical to the long life and proper operation of your vehicle.

Our Women Car Care Clinic is FREE to attend! However, space is limited, so please contact us TODAY and reserve your spot!!! Our next Ladies Car Care Clinic will be held in the Fall, of 2019. It depends on the number of questions we get asked and how much time you would like to spend in the shop. To reserve your spot TODAY, Call 651-728-6200 or email [email protected] If you email, please give us your name and phone number. We’ll send you a confirmation.

The event will take place at 1592 Marshall Ave  St Paul, MN 55104. It is on the corner of Marshall and Snelling