ABS Wheel Speed Sensor St. PaulTrouble with you ABS wheel speed sensor in St. Paul? No worries! Come on into Signal Garage Auto Care and we will ensure your vehicle is as safe as can be. Brakes and wheel safety are key components that should always be checked and well-maintained in order to avoid accidents. With routine auto services like tire rotations, oil changes, and system inspections, you can stay on top of the performance of your car and repair small issues. A lack of preventative maintenance can lead to those small issues going unnoticed – until they turn into catastrophic problems leading to more expensive repairs.

In St. Paul, drivers know to trust us with ABS wheel speed sensor service, brakes, and more. The ABS sensor helps the car know what pressure it needs to send to each wheel to avoid the brakes from lock up, sending your car into a slide or skid. When the ABS warning light turns on, it could be one on or more of these sensors has malfunctioned. Sensors just may need to be cleaned, some may need to be replaced, but that warning light should never be ignored.

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We also offer ball joint replacement for your car or truck. While it may not be something you ever think about, it is a critical part of your vehicle and should be inspected at regular intervals. Signs you may need ball joint replacement include uneven tire wear, pulling of the vehicle, and possible clunking noises. Avoiding service or inspection can leave you stranded on the side of the road with a broken joint!

Call our repair shop in St. Paul to schedule your ABS wheel speed sensor replacement or repair. Don’t take a chance with a warning light lit up on your dashboard. Come visit the area’s friendliest, most trustworthy auto repair shop today!

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