Few car owners want to hear that they need to replace radiator hoses, let alone an entire radiator, but the reality is that sometimes parts wear out, break, or need replacing. Needing a new radiator isn’t as scary as it sounds. Sure, you’ll need to pay for the parts and labor, typically a few hundred dollars, but it’s an atypical repair that you shouldn’t have to go through very often throughout your car’s lifetime. Simple maintenance like a radiator coolant flush can easily help your technician determine the state of your radiator and extend its life.

Keeping Your Vehicle Running

Knowing that you need to replace radiator parts isn’t exactly as simple as movies would make it seem. There’s no clunk-clunk-clunk sound while your car grinds to a stop and steam pours out from under the hood. Or rather, that’s not the only sign. You may notice:

  • Leaking coolant
  • Internal leaking
  • A clogged core
  • Faulty hoses
  • Internal corrosion

These are all notable signs that you might need a new radiator. While leaks are relatively easy to fix with a simple patch job, that’s just a temporary solution. Eventually you’ll need to get that replacement, preferably before your car suffers more serious damage.

Radiators are important parts of the engine. They get rid of excess heat and cool the entire engine, as well as other parts of the car. Unregulated heat can wreak major havoc on a car, resulting in melted parts, clogged systems, or even computer short-outs. Most modern cars operate with an internal computer, and if that computer gets fried, that’s very bad news for the car. Computer systems regulate just about everything these days, from your music player to your braking system.

The best way to avoid having to replace your radiator is by keeping up with your routine maintenance. When you come see us at Signal Garage, we’ll take great care of you and your car, performing a visual inspection and replacing any necessary fluids. If you have any questions at all, we’re here to help, and if you need a repair, we’re your guys (and gals). When you come see us, you’re part of the family!