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So you’re in need of radiator repair in St Paul? Then you definitely want to stop into Signal Garage Auto Care. That’s because we are nationally certified and trained to handle all aspects of your vehicle. Proper auto repair and maintenance is what we are second-most passionate about. Customer service is our first passion.

The cooling system of your car is vitally important. While you sit back cruising and relaxed with the AC blowing through your hair, your engine is getting extremely hot. Your cooling system is there to prevent any overheating that would cause serious damage. Your radiator is a key part of your cooling system. Something we’ve practiced here at Signal Garage for more than thirty years is the value of basic, regular maintenance. Many people don’t realize that a simple radiator flush is necessary from time to time in order to maintain your cooling system and extend the life of your water pump. If you know that you need radiator repair here in St Paul, then please don’t delay. While some vehicle issues can wait to be looked at, faulty radiators cannot. They are just too important to the life of your car.

Whether you need something simple, such as a tire rotation or that radiator flush, or something more complicated, like transmission service or an engine overhaul, Signal Garage Auto Care is the shop for you. We are committed to our patrons and are respectful of their time and money. Head over to our family-owned and operated garage and you will see why we are so well received in the Twin Cities.

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