For the best tune-up in the St. Paul area, you definitely want to hit up Signal Garage Auto Care. We offer what the other guys simply can’t replicate: personalized and efficient service. Plus, we’re professionals. We know you have options for your regularly scheduled maintenance, from heading back to the dealer to a corner Quick Lube spot, but we also know that we can do better. Whether you’re on your 60,000 mile service or your trusty old ride is pushing 200,000 miles, we’re the guys (and gals) who know their stuff and do great work.

Unbeatable Service When You Need It

For a lot of car owners, going back to the dealership is part and parcel of getting a new or used car. The people who sold you the car must know it best, right? It’s true that a dealership specializes in specific makes of car, but they can start to get pricey after you run through your complimentary services. They also take up a lot of your time, placing you in a queue with dozens of other people who need service every single day. It can feel impersonal, which doesn’t make for the best tune-up experience. They’re less concerned about doing what’s best for you and more concerned about doing what’s best for the dealership, which means pushing specific parts and tires, even if they’re not the best choice for your driving style or needs.

Similarly, getting scheduled maintenance from a quick-stop shop might be cheap, but it’s unlikely that you’re getting the specific care your car needs. Not all cars are created equal — you can’t treat a BMW the same way you’d treat a Subaru. For places with non-certified mechanics, you’re getting what you pay for, and what you’re paying for isn’t people who get the continued education they need to properly care for a variety of makes and models.

So if you want the best tune-up you can find in the area, make sure you come see us here at Signal Garage. We’d love to meet you and welcome you to our “family!” All of our service advisors and technicians are ASE Certified, so you always know you’re getting great auto care.