If the check engine light BMW recently came on in your vehicle, it could indicate a number of minor or major problems, and should not be ignored. Your friendly neighbors at Signal Garage in St. Paul, MN have all the necessary skills to diagnose any potential engine problems illuminated by the service engine soon light.

Bring Your BMW to a Shop You Trust

If the check engine light BMW light comes on your dashboard, a problem has been diagnosed via the system of sensors within your vehicle that continuously provide feedback to the onboard diagnostics system. Signal Garage’s ASE and BMW certified mechanics have undergone consistently updated training to ensure they have the latest knowledge necessary to perform diagnostics and appropriately service your vehicle in a timely and efficient manner. We will use a diagnostic scanner to extract a code that is stored in vehicle’s electronic system that explains what caused the light to illuminate. Some of the possible sources for triggering the light includes blown head gasket, loose gas cap, malfunctions in the fuel injection system, problematic oxygen sensors, loose or cracked hoses, wiring malfunctions, and worn out spark plugs.


Check engine light BMW Assistance

If you live in the St. Paul, MN area and are currently seeing the light telling you to service engine soon, give the friendly and helpful staff at Signal Garage a call. We have the equipment and skills to address why the check engine light BMW or TPMS lights have illuminated. While the problem may not always require immediate attention, waiting too long could cause further damage and more costly auto repairs. We consider all of our customers to be part of our family, which is why we are committed to keeping you safe and on the road. Bring in your beloved BMW to us for engine service, brakes, suspension, exhaust repair, radiator, tire rotation and more!

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