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With the winter season right around the corner, it is advised to prepare and protect your car. Not only are icy roads a hassle to drive on, but car owners should be aware of the harmful effects road salt has on their vehicle. Road salt helps to ensure safe travels, but it has drawbacks. It can cause major body and undercarriage damage to your car unless it is appropriately taken care of.

Here are some tips to help protect your vehicle from rust due to road salt:

– At the end of fall, thoroughly wash every inch of your vehicle, including the underside.

– Dry the edges of the doors inside and out, including the undersides of door handles, all hinges, plus the hood and trunk edges.

– Apply a coat of wax followed by a sealant to help keep the wax adhered to the vehicle’s paint.

– Seal the undercarriage, paying closest attention to the brake and fuel lines, as these are the most susceptible items for rust and corrosion.

– Use a good quality spray protectant on all exterior rubber or vinyl surfaces.

– Throughout the winter, take your vehicle to the car wash on  a regular basis. Many car washes offer undercarriage cleaning as well.

– After each car wash, apply an additional coat of wax to all exposed metal. Use a hand-held hairdryer to warm the metal surface before applying the wax. This will help the wax better adhere to the cold metal.

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