Barbara – St. Paul

I had a tire repaired yesterday at the Marshall Ave. location. Marc was there to greet me. I had a flat tire on Saturday and needed to have the tire repaired. I asked if they could check the pressure in the spare when they were done. Every answer was yes. They took the car in right away. There was coffee and other drinks available for customers. While waiting we started telling stories and had a most lovely time. The young man who repaired my tire showed me the culprit. I checked out and had been treated like visiting royalty. There was a coupon and other materials when I left. What a great and respectful, and fun experience. While driving away I noticed a piece of paper with the repairman’s picture and signature on it on the dash board. I picked it up to look  at it later, and there was a plastic bag of CANDY!!!!!! It was my first experience with Signal. I would encourage others to give them a try.