Beth Ritchie – St. Paul

I have had fantastic service at both the West St Paul and Grand Ave locations. Recently I had trouble getting my car engine to turn over for the second time in a month. I stopped by the Grand Ave location and they immediately tested my battery to see if that might be the problem. It was not. I was able to schedule an appointment two days later to have my vehicle inspected more thoroughly and was offered a rental car in order to leave my vehicle and not have to take a day off of work. They check everything thoroughly and were not able to find anything wrong. They did everything right to assure me that my car was ready for winter driving. The price was zero including the use of the rental car and the use of the gasoline in that tank. (I put on 26 miles to work and back.) I have not had any further troubles so it just must have been a strange occurrence. I would never expect such honest service from anywhere else. Would you?