Elisabeth – St. Paul

5 star auto repair St Paul

1. I’ve taken all my vehicles to Signal for several years. Signal staff are friendly and helpful and their prices are reasonable. Once they even got a part in to persuade me I did NOT need it, the old one was just as good.
2. When I took my car in for a burnt-out headlight last month, they noticed another needed repair which I did not choose to have done that day.  When 2-3 weeks passed, Signal sent me a coupon for a reduction on the cost of the recommended service, so I brought the car in and had the repair done.
4. Signal also sends me text messages when they have room in their schedule, and they sometimes offer discounts to customers who fill empty slots.
4. When I have to leave my vehicle for the day, they drive me to work and pick me up at the end of the work day. Yesterday, I lost track of time and Signal made every effort to contact me so I could get my car before they closed for the day. (I did get my car back that day.)

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