Eliza – North Oaks

I blew out my driver rear tire on I-94, just west of the Snelling Ave exit (which happened to be the exit I was planning to get off at anyway). I heard lots of noise and the back of my car started bumping pretty hard. As I turned onto Snelling, I noticed huge chunks of rubber flying off my rear tire, and eventually the entire tire just sort of rolled away. I took a picture, and my friends and family said it looked like the most shredded tire ever. I considered pulling into the Holiday station just north of Signal Garage, but then I remembered Signal’s perpetually witty signage, so I thought to myself, “Well, let’s see if I can make it there.” When I walked into Signal, Marc was probably the nicest and most helpful person I could have encountered in that situation. He and the team evaluated all of my tires to make sure it wasn’t just the one that needed to be replaced (wouldn’t it be a shame if I left and 10 miles down the road, another one blew?), and quoted me a reasonable price for 4 new tires for my vehicle, high-quality and high-mileage (which also happen to be the tires he has on his own vehicle). They ordered the tires around 2:45 pm yesterday and had my car finished by 5:26 pm, and I picked it up this morning. They washed my car and left candy and a thank you on my dash. All around a pleasant experience! Not thrilled my tire blew, but very grateful it did so nearby Signal Garage and Marc was working!