Isabel – Minneapolis

I have been going to this garage for a couple of years now for oil changes. I started going there because it was conveniently close to my home and my work. However, I now continue to go there now due to the integrity,  transparency and competency of the staff and the work they perform. Mark and his staff deliver nothing less than exemplary service. They have never insulted my intelligence or  conducted business in a manner that lacks honesty and integrity. The transmission on my car recently went out and Signal determined it was my transmission and let me that it would be covered under warranty and even called a dealership and gave the contact information to me so that I could get my car fixed. The dealership has not conduct themselves with integrity and/or honesty. Instead they keep asking me what the car is doing and its rather insulting given I have told them repeatedly what it is doing. Furthermore, they are delaying fixing my car so they can charge me for a rental which I have since found out is covered under warranty but they are still trying to charge me. I called Signal to find out what my options are and Mark was very helpful and seemed to find the behavior concerning at best. This just makes me appreciate Signal Garage that much more. So, thank you Mark, Ethan, and the rest of the staff at Signal Garage for conducting yourself professional, with integrity and working in the best interest of your customers!