Jennifer Almanza – West St Paul

We moved to West St. Paul last Spring from Inver Grove Heights where we lived down the hill from Heidi and Rami. Knowing that they owned this shop, I thought we would give it a go. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Avi walked me through all of the needed repairs and helped me to prioritize what was most important given the age and mileage of the car which was incredibly helpful and appreciated. Because I was “sure” the car hadn’t had a timing belt change (at 170K miles) we prioritized that – I was pleasantly surprised when Avi called to tell me that when they opened up the car they found that it had in fact been changed and that we should now re-prioritize. I have already told all of my family & friends “we have a new auto shop”. Excellent experience! Thanks Avi and Signal Garage (and Heidi and Rami).