Jennifer – West St. Paul

I found Signal Garage first researching online and was drawn to them by their website stating they are a AAA shop and they made women feel completely comfortable (when most women feel out of place) When I checked in I was directed into the waiting area (which is typically something NOT THAT comfortable when having to wait for the length of time it takes to fix your car) I was SHOCKED at how stylish and comfortable it was. Flat screen TV, two leather couches, oriental looking rug under the coffee table, refrigerator filled with cold drinks and a Keurig all available with free drinks. Also loved that the bathroom is right in the waiting room and you don’t have to walk through the shop to get to it. Yes, it sounds very trivial, but those are all the little things that add to the fact they are high class auto shop that does all the “fix-it stuff” top notch!!!