Joe – Saint Paul

Last week, I found myself in a heck of a bind. Midway through my commute, my trusty ’98 Camry sputtered and died. As a college kid almost 5 hours from home, I really didn’t know where to turn. I took a stab in the dark and–on the recommendation of a friend–ended up having her towed to the Signal Garage on Grand Avenue. I am glad I did. They were friendly and more than fair. I appreciated their honest assessment of my vehicle and their considerate service. They gave me their diagnosis (snapped timing belt…not fun) and allowed me to weigh the cost of repair against the value/long term reliability of a 300,000+ mile vehicle. Not every shop is willing to make a recommendation and then step back to give you the space to make that kind of decision. I sincerely appreciated their work, and I would definitely go to them again. A snapped timing belt on a *slowly-dying* vehicle really sucks, but I am glad I worked through it with the Signal Garage guys.