Judith Favia – Minneapolis

I had driven by Signal for several years (Davanni’s is just across the street) and always was tickled by their sign messages, which are very clever.  When I was given bad information by a chain repair shop, resulting in a higher cost for an oil change, I remembered Signal and decided to try them out on my five year old Subaru Forester.  Their oil change was competitively priced, not the lowest but not the highest either.  They recommended a number of maintenance items that I needed – and being a careful shopper, I compared their prices on Repair Pal.  They came in lower or in the middle of the rates for our part of the country.

Now for the best part: I had a complicated schedule of two trips back to back, that required that my brakes be done before the second one.  But they were closed for the weekend and I was leaving for Mexico, where I would not have phone or internet service.  I thought I would try their online scheduling, and sent a longish message about what I needed done in the hope that I could get in as soon as I returned.  Within two hours, I had a response confirming my Monday AM appointment.  So I could relax on the beach without worrying or incurring international roaming charges.

They got my repairs done in one day, and when I came to pick up my car, they scraped all the ice off the windshields from the sleet storm that hit.  I am really impressed with the service, the responsive communication and the willingness to answer questions.  I am recommending them to all my friends in the neighborhood.