Kathy Geist- Saint Paul

I happened to get a flat tire while driving right past the intersection of Grand and Cleveland today.  I pulled in to Signal Garage and Avi and Liz helped me right away.  They offered a ride to work which I gladly accepted and Liz drove me the short distance to my work. They fixed my tire and another programming issue I had and called me at 2:45 pm to tell me my car was ready.  I was so impressed with their pleasant attitude, the cleanliness of their lobby, their excellent service and their welcoming nature.  I am so lucky that my tire went flat right in front of their store.  My car is still under full warranty so i’m not sure when I’ll get back.  You can bet though, that I will be referring my husband with his 2006 Jeep to Signal Garage.  Thanks Avi, Liz and Andrew.  Oh, and, they left me a bag of candy on my steering wheel to thank me for allowing them to serve me.  Awesome and unforgettable.