Kristy – St. Paul

This was my first experience with Signal Garage and I could not be happier with the service. My husband and I love their clever sayings on their Grand Ave. sign and thought we would give them a try. I have previously had terrible service with giant chains and wanted to give a local shop my business.
My car was in rough shape, I needed a new drive shaft and front axles. From start to finished I worked with Ethan and he kept be informed the whole time. He offered me 3 different drive shafts with explanations on all of them and was great about me wanting a used one ( he never tried to up sell me anything). The dealer the part was coming from made a mistake and my car took longer than they had originally thought it would so I was offered a loaner if I needed it which was really great.

I’m pleased to say my car feels 100 times better AND safer! They were wonderful and I will absolutely go back. There wasn’t one time that I thought I was getting “ripped off” or told I needed 10 other things fixed. They listened to my concerns, told me the problems, why they were problems and what needed to be done. I highly recommend Signal Garage Auto Care.