Steve – Saint Paul

I just got my car back from Signal on Grand for the 2nd time in a few months. This time around, my Jeeps dashboard had lit up like a Christmas tree. Wipers were going off, wouldn’t shift out of 1st gear, nothing worked the way it should. Took it to Signal, and they diagnose the exact problem and go to work on it. It wasn’t a cheap fix, but that’s not their fault, it’s mine because I drive a shitty Chrysler. Long story short, they got me all fixed up and back on the road in no-time, and all the work performed has a lifetime guarantee. Couldn’t be happier, and everyone there is friendly as hell. I highly recommend asking for Paul (long hair, Jesus looking guy with tattoos) the mechanic, he knows his shit and gives you the real answers, not the up-sell bullshit you get at other places.