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Many people avoid or completely forget to perform wheel alignment, although this is a very useful activity. The good news is that there are certain signs that can help you determine whether it is time to visit a car repair store in St.Paul or not. These signs can save you both time and money.

Very often, people make jokes about older vehicles that drive straight and although we are right behind them we can see all of their wheels. This is when people say that it is time for a wheel alignment. However, this is only the final stage of vehicle negligence and this situation can cause numerous dangerous consequences for the vehicle owner and for the rest of the drivers. So, what exactly is a wheel alignment?

By performing a wheel alignment we are ensuring that the wheels are always and properly in contact with the ground. This directly affects the way vehicles keep their direction on the road, but it also affect the overall driving comfort and control of the vehicle. The whole process usually doesn’t take longer than twenty minutes and during this procedure, the mechanics are checking the alignment, i.e. its deviation by using special programs. With the help of precise laser instruments and cameras, the mechanics take measures of the vehicle in order to compare them with the factory specifications. If there are any discrepancies it is clear that the wheels must be aligned. The price of St.Paul wheel alignment service depends on tire size.

What is important to understand is that the optimal period when the wheel alignment should be checked is between 10.000 and 15.000 miles or after any repair or change that can affect it (like replacement of essential parts of the suspension – shock absorbers, tie rod endings etc.). Of course, depending on the way the vehicle is driven and used there are few other symptoms that can occur and these symptoms will indicate that it’s time to check wheel alignment. For instance, it is not uncommon for drivers crossing over larger potholes or curbs to affect the alignment. Due to these shocks drivers can easily lost control of their vehicles. Many drivers decide to ignore this problem and continue to drive their vehicles. However, because of the shock the alignment can be disturbed which can become a serious problem if it is not resolved in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, most drivers visit the repair shops at an advanced stage when the car starts to “pull” the driver to one side or when the tires are worn on the inside. So, the most convenient and simple solution for this problem is to perform regular checks of the wheel alignment at every 10.000 miles, but also to regularly adjust tire pressure (once a month). In this way we can directly prevent excessive tire wear, which affects the safety and fuel consumption.

Modern auto repair shops use laser wheel alignment which is actually a three-dimensional alignment. They use special cameras to record the range, camber and caster of the wheels.