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Hypothetically speaking, what do you do if a rock flies towards your windshield, leaving a whitened, pitted crack? Is there a way to prevent the crack from sprawling across the windshield?  If you can cover it with a quarter, in most cases it can be repairable with a resin-based material professionally injected into the damaged area (as long as if it is not in the driver’s line of sight).

Follow these tips to keep the damage under control until you visit a professional automotive glass shop:

– Limit your driving. Try to drive as little as possible before you take your vehicle to a repair shop. Temperature and movement can cause small cracks to sprawl out over the windshield.

– Lightly apply a piece of transparent tape or packing tape over the impact point to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the pit.

– Avoid slamming your doors or trunk. The pressure inside the car creates a sudden stress on the windshield’s seal. Try to keep one window slightly open to reduce this stress.

Now that you have the damage under control, bring your car into an auto glass repair shop as soon as possible to get the windshield fixed.

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