Has the time arrived for you to schedule an appointment for the manufacturer’s recommended BMW service B maintenance package? If your BMW was manufactured after 1999, and is approaching 60,000 miles, the answer is yes. Fortunately, your helpful neighbors at Signal Garage are the premiere BMW Garage in Saint Paul. MN. Our ASE and BMW certified mechanics are highly trained to understand the needs of your vehicle. We have the skill and efficiency to do the job right, and we have the courtesy to leave you informed, satisfied, and happy to come back in the future.

We Can Help You With Your BMW Service

It is important to perform regularly scheduled routine maintenance in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications. This enables your vehicle can run safely and efficiently, while also helping to prevent more costly repairs that can be avoided through regular inspections and replacing worn parts before they break and cause additional damage. The BMW service B maintenance package is recommended by the manufacturer for all BMW vehicles made after 1999 upon reaching 60,000 miles. This package is an enhanced version of service package A, but with additional services recommended by the manufacturer. The entire package addresses needs related to the engine compartment, electrical equipment, check engine light, TPMS light, undercarriage, body, steering, brakes, transmission, suspension, differentials, spark plugs, and filters.

Contact the helpful staff at Signal Garage, the best BMW Garage in Saint Paul. MN.to schedule your appointment for your vehicle to have the BMW service B maintenance package. We want you to invest in your vehicle with confidence, which is why we will educate and inform you about every step of the process. When you call, all you need to know is the make, model, year, and mileage of your BMW for us to help you select the appropriate service. We look forward to gaining your trust and keeping you safely on the road.
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