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Have you recently had your catalytic converter stolen? Unfortunately, catalytic converter theft is on the rise in St. Paul MN, and across the nation, as thieves have discovered the part contains precious metals that can be sold to scrapyards. Although theft can occur with any vehicle, thieves typically target Toyota catalytic converters, specifically Prius catalytic converters, because they contain a higher concentration of palladium than those in other vehicles.

How Can I Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft?

Thieves can steal the part in a matter of minutes, and it’s not uncommon for them to return to the same car weeks or months later to steal the replacement catalytic converter. If yours has been stolen, you’ll be able to tell as soon as you start your vehicle; it will sound like you no longer have a muffler. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen, including:

  • Park your car in well-lit areas and near business entrances.
  • If you have a garage, park your car inside whenever possible.
  • Purchase a security system for your vehicle and set it to trigger whenever motion or vibration is detected.
  • Have us install a shield on your Prius to theft-proof your catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter shield mounts via factory mounting points on your Prius and requires special tools to remove. There’s no welding required, and it features holes that allow the exhaust area to receive proper ventilation. Considering the cost of a new catalytic converter, the shield is an affordable way to protect the part and give you peace of mind!

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There’s nothing worse than experiencing catalytic converter theft! If you need a new catalytic converter or would like to install a cat shield on your Toyota Prius, schedule an appointment with us at one of our three convenient locations in St. Paul or West St. Paul. Click here to find the location closest to you.

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