How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

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Winter weather can be tough on your car – especially here in Minnesota! With harsh weather conditions and freezing temperatures, it’s essential to make sure your car is well-maintained and winter-ready. Not only will maintenance keep you from breaking down in the snow, but it will also help prolong the life of your vehicle –… Read more »

Leaking Fluid? What the Colors Mean

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Although we won’t necessarily state that if you find leaking fluid underneath your vehicle that you need to start worrying, you shouldn’t take the leaking fluid lightly, either. Leaking fluid can be a serious concern, and by identifying what the colors of leaking fluid means, you will be able to properly identify what is actually… Read more »

Understanding basic auto repair terms.

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Sometimes when you get the bill for an auto repair, or when speaking to the mechanic, you can feel a bit uncertain in regards to what some things mean. The Signal Garage in St. Paul MN, is a full service auto repair shop that has a staff that is more than willing to answer questions… Read more »