Cooling System Issues: How to Tell You’ve Got One

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle’s cooling system, you may have experienced and noticed some steam coming from under the hood of your vehicle. When your vehicle starts to overheat, you will notice that your vehicle’s temperature rises and does not stay in the range it should be. When the vehicle begins to overheat, you end up using more gasoline and you place your vehicle at risk of mechanical failure. Other than steam rising from under your hood, how can you identify a cooling system issue? The following article will detail it for you below.

Visible Leaks

If you notice that your vehicle is leaking much more than normal, you may have an issue on your hands. Although the leaking does not have to be a large leak, you need to be aware that a leak is an indication something is wrong. If your coolant is not staying in the reservoir then your vehicle is unable to use it properly and your engine will begin to overheat. If you do not see a leak but you notice that coolant continues to go missing, have your vehicle checked.

Leaking Water Pump

If your water pump is leaking, you will find that your vehicle’s cooling system needs to be repaired or replaced. You can check for a leak by feeling the water pump. If you notice that the area around the pump is wet, then there is a tell-tale sign the pump is failing on you.

Radiator Issues

Another common way to tell you may have a cooling system issue is when the radiator is not working correctly. A poorly functioning radiator will not utilize all of the coolant needed to cool the engine. A clogged radiator is also another problem. If there is a clog, your vehicle is not receiving as much fluid and coolant as it needs to function.

Even a small radiator crack can cause problems with your vehicle’s cooling. As the crack continues to grow in size, your vehicle’s coolant will drip out and your vehicle will begin to overheat.

Choosing a Mechanic

When you are in need of cooling system repairs, speak with a qualified mechanic today. You want to make sure that you are receiving the best care for your vehicle. An unqualified mechanic may not be able to effectively diagnose your vehicle and leave you without the proper solution to your problem. Instead of fixing the car once, you are spending more money trying to locate the initial problem.

When choosing a mechanic for auto repairs in St. Paul, MN, make sure you look for ASE certifications and check the reviews of the individual mechanic or shop. Not checking on credentials can later come back to haunt you. Your vehicle is important to you and a large investment that you do not want to fail. Get your cooling system problems repaired quickly.

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