Most Commonly Needed Car Repairs

If your vehicle begins to act up on you, you may be wondering what is wrong with it or why it is not driving correctly. Let’s face it, vehicle problems are always around and they will continue to pop up, even in the most inconvenient of times. If your vehicle never had any type of mechanical failure, mechanic shops and car dealerships would be out of business. The following article will talk about the most common automotive repairs needed. Some of the repairs are small and inexpensive while others are larger and much more expensive.

1. Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold

One of the most common automotive repairs is when the air conditioner stops blowing cold air. The repair for this can be both large and small depending on what the problem is. If your vehicle’s compressor or condenser is going bad, then you have a hefty repair on your hands whereas if the Freon level is just low, you have an inexpensive repair on your hands.

2. Spark Plugs

Over time your spark plugs will begin to wear down and corrode. The older the vehicle gets, the more the spark plugs age. As your spark plugs begin to deteriorate, you will notice that your vehicle stalls in idle, is slow to go, and may be idling rough. These are all indications that the plugs and coil packs need to be switched out.

3. Wiper Blades

Your wiper blades are a small repair that is needed and often inexpensive to fix. The blades become worn over time and will not wipe your window as clearly as before. If you are driving in the rain this can be a dangerous situation for you. Replacing them can typically be done right in your driveway and the old blades pop off and the new ones on.

4. Headlight Bulbs

Your headlight bulbs will need repair multiple times throughout the life of the vehicle. The bulbs burn out over time and you need the turn signal functioning in your vehicle so this is a must fix item. Without your turn signal, you cannot signal to other drivers that you are leaving the roadway, thus leaving everyone else confused.

5. Fuel Filter

If you begin to notice your vehicle guzzling gas or you have trouble starting it and you know it is not the battery, the fuel filter probably needs to be changed. The fuel filter is designed to catch debris in the fuel and prevent is from making its way to the engine.

If you are in need of any of the most common auto repairs in St. Paul, MN visit your local mechanic’s shop and have your vehicle fixed. Your mechanic can break down the problem and identify the necessary correction to make the vehicle function properly again. Never try to attempt fixing your vehicle at home unless you know what you are doing 100%. You could injure yourself or damage your vehicle.

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