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At Signal Garage in St. Paul MN, the friendly staff always invite their customers to ask questions. They cater to both men and women with equal attention and respect, no matter their age. Despite their friendly disposition, some people may feel nervous of be shy about asking questions. However, customers should rest assured no question is considered a bad one to ask when it comes to understanding your auto repair needs. The following are common questions that customers may forget to ask or be unsure if it is considered proper to ask.


How much does the part cost and what is involved with the repair?


The well trained staff at Signal Garage are more than happy to discuss the details of your auto repair bill. Many customers may be curious about the bottom line and understanding what the components cost and what it costs to do the work can help them better understand a lot of things. Some materials and parts may not seem that expensive, but when the technician explains the work involved in making the repair, they can feel better about the overall costs. Not every auto repair shop in the St. Paul MN area will be as open regarding the process, but the crew as Signal Garage is know for inviting customers into the workshop to see things for themselves and have a proper understanding of what is being done.


What can I do in the future to prevent the problem?


Garages make most of their money by fixing cars. For some companies, keeping the veil between customer knowledge and theirs is how they get by. At Signal Garage, the staff doesn’t just want to be like any other auto repair shop in the St. Paul MN area. If a customer doesn’t ask, they are likely to give advice about how to avoid future problems for some repairs. For example if a customer comes in breaks worn down to the point it takes more than just replacing the pads to fix them, they may talk with them about warning signs to look for before they get that bad again. They want their customers to be informed and above all, safe on the road.


Is there an alternate solution to the problem?


There may be times an estimated repair is more than you can afford at the time. Many auto repair shops in the St. Paul MD area may not be inclined to discuss alternate options. However, in all reality, many repairs can have alternate solutions, both long term and permanent. Think of it as the different between using a can of tire inflation filler versus a doughnut until you can get the tire properly repaired or replaced. The technicians at Signal Garage can help you by explaining the problem and discuss options for making the repairs. While they prefer to use only brand new and high quality parts, you can sometimes ask about used or alternate brands to help reduce some of the costs. The mechanic will tell you if its possible or advisable, as using lower quality parts can lead to spending more money when it fails sooner than other brands.