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For some people, when the check engine light comes on there is a sense of panic. For others, they simple disregard the warning and continue driving. While it is not necessarily something to pull over immediately about, you should never simply ignore the check engine light. The technicians as Signal Garage, a full service auto repair shop St. Paul MN, often advise their clients to come in as soon as possible to have the vehicle checked out. There are times when the light comes on, and the vehicle seems to be operating without issues.  These times you have to be weary of the unseen malfunctions that could be happening. Ignoring the light during these times can result in severe damage later on down the road.


Common issues that cause the light to come on.


There are times when the check engine light comes on because a sensor has begun to malfunction. Failing oxygen or mass air flow sensors at the two most common to fail and cause this problem. Sometimes it is a matter of faulty or damaged spark plugs or their wires. The check engine light is tied into the different systems in the vehicle, including emission control, ignition, and fuel injection systems. When the light comes on and remains on, it needs to be taken into a trusted auto repair shop in the St. Paul MN area, such as Signal Garage as soon as possible. If it just flickers on briefly then off, it is something to mention at your next visit.


When the light comes on and flashing continuously:


You need to get to a shop immediately. Ignoring this urgent signaling can result in catastrophic failure of one of your vehicles systems, such as a ruined catalytic converter. Often times its apparent that something is failing and the vehicles performance is noticeably worse. On rare occasions this type of signaling can begin with no apparent cause. Whichever the case is, get safely off the road and arrange for the vehicle to be taken into your trusted auto repair shop in St. Paul MD area. If it is begins to happen while you are on the road and far from home try to find a safe parking lot to pull into, if you are more than a couple miles from the repair shop. If you keep driving it after the performance has begun to drop and the check engine light is flashing, you could worsen the damage to the point of rendering the car completely inoperable.


What happens after the car is taken into an auto repair shop in the St. Paul MN area.


When a car is taken or brought into the repair shop with a flashing or solid check engine light the first thing the technicians will do is ask some questions. If they can get a clear idea of how the car was acting prior to it coming on, they may be able to more quickly pinpoint the problem. After talking with the driver they will run full diagnostics and discuss the possible results with the driver as to what other tests may be needed or repairs if they are easily identified from the diagnostics.