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For residents in St. Paul, MN, there are a lot of environmental factors that can wear down at the exterior of a vehicle. During the winter, harsh weather combined with the chemicals used to keep the roads clear can cause havoc on the undercarriage. Salty mixtures and slush that splash up on the rest of the vehicle can also lead to rust and damage to the paint job. While it may seem like a mere cosmetic issue, rust can lead to some serious problems if not taken care of.

What is rust exactly?

In a scientific explanation, rust is result of steel being oxidized. The resulting flaky and reddish material is iron oxide. Moisture and chemicals can cause this breaking down of metal, which weakens it an can lead to holes forming. Rust on the underside can cause holes and breakdown in many vital systems, as well as detract from the vehicle’s structural integrity. When vehicles are manufactured there is generally some application of sealing on the sides and top, but the undercarriage is not always treated, or it can wear away. It is always wise to ask an auto repair shop about what you can do to help seal your vehicle’s exterior. For residents in the St. Paul, MN area, Signal Garage offers rust prevention and repair services for both newer and older cars.

Rust can not only cause potentially dangerous conditions, it detracts from the value.

Aside from not looking good in an aesthetic and technical sense, rust spots and damage can seriously devalue a vehicle. There are two areas that people look at when appraising a vehicle; how it looks and how it drives. When you considering purchasing a new car, rust is not an issue. But when you are looking into purchasing a used one, it can be a different matter. Getting a used care inspection from a local auto repair shop in St. Paul, MN can help prevent you from over paying or purchasing a vehicle with hidden rust damage. A full inspection can also help you ask for the best pricing when selling your vehicle, or using it as a trade in for a new one.

How to help prevent rust from forming.

Moisture can be a serious issue for cars, even those that have been give rust proofing. Keeping them in dry storage conditions of making sure that they are not bogged in snow too long during the Winter can help keep the exterior intact and rust free. No one expects you to try and keep it perfectly free of moisture, as after all fluids are used in the normal operations of most vehicles. The key points concern keeping the undercarriage from soaking in snowy slush and water. Salty brine can also be a problem, so if you’ve been driving near coastal areas or through roads that have been treated for snow and ice, a quick rinse off is a good idea.