New Water Pump St PaulDo you need a new water pump in St. Paul? If you’re looking for “water replacement near me” online, you’ll find that Signal Garage Auto Care consistently leads the pack in auto repair and maintenance for the area! Our experienced crew can inspect your vehicle for any issues. Whether your car needs water pump repair or another fix, we’ll make sure you receive the highest quality workmanship and get back on the road quickly.

What is a Water Pump?

This component is crucial to keeping your car running. The water pump keeps the vehicle operating by moving coolant through the engine, hoses, and radiator. This keeps the engine from overheating.

Signs your water pump is failing:

  • You hear a grinding noise from the engine. This could be the bearings of the water pump.
  • The pump is from the shaft seal, gasket, or hoses.
  • The plastic fan blades inside modern water pumps can break, which causes vibrations and a failing pump.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to make an appointment with an auto repair shop. You may turn to Google “water pump replacement near me”, in which case you’ll find an independent auto repair facility nearby! Signal Garage Auto Care has served the St. Paul community for nearly 50 years! We now have 3 shops in the St. Paul and West St. Paul area, so you’re always close to a Signal Garage!

It is very important that your water pump runs correctly, and your car has the proper amount of engine coolant and antifreeze. This keeps the engine from overheating. If the water pump fails, it can cause serious damage to your engine. Signal Garage Auto Care offers new water pump replacement for St. Paul drivers. We also offer check engine light diagnostics, oil changes, battery tests, wheel alignment, tire rotation, shock replacement, brake services, and more! Call us today to schedule your repairs.

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