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Need a place that does a good Saturn tune up in St Paul? Signal Garage Auto Care is the place to go! Want to know what goes into your car’s routine maintenance? We’ll explain.

Your routine Saturn factory maintenance will include a number of things depending on the mileage on your car or the amount of time since your last appointment, but there are a few parts and systems your auto technician will always check.

  • Every Saturn service involves a visual inspection of the body of the car and the engine. Electronic diagnostics are used as well, but they can only tell you so much, and sometimes they return a false code. During a tune up, the auto tech will check lights, tires, and anything else that may be faulty or experiencing wear and tear.

  • Fluid check and replacement. This is your typical run-of-the-mill oil change, but it also includes transmission fluid, coolant, antifreeze, wiper fluid, and other fluids that may be unique to your car.

  • Belt inspection and replacement. Your serpentine and timing belts only need to be replaced about once every 40,000-60,000 miles, but they do need replacement eventually.

  • A battery check. It’s important to have this done during every Saturn tune up in St Paul because a faulty battery can be a danger during the peak of summer and the low of winter. Your technician will let you know if it needs replacing.

  • Air filter replacement. Has your heating or AC been working a little less well or starting to smell funky? Time to replace the filter. It’ll improve efficiency and get rid of that dirty, musty smell.

  • Tire rotation and balancing. Your tech will also check the alignment during this phase. Regular rotation helps your tires wear evenly.

  • Other part checks. Depending on your model, your car may need other parts checked, such as the spark plugs or O2 sensors. Probably the brake pads, as well.

These are the basics. Saturn factory maintenance is pretty straightforward and the pros know how to get it done quickly. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for your next Saturn tune up in St Paul! We have two locations for your convenience. Please call 651-690-1487 (St. Paul, Grand Ave location), 651-728-6200 (St. Paul, Marshall Ave location) or, 651-457-2668 (West St. Paul location) or use our online form to make an appointment!

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