Leaking Fluid? What the Colors Mean

Although we won’t necessarily state that if you find leaking fluid underneath your vehicle that you need to start worrying, you shouldn’t take the leaking fluid lightly, either. Leaking fluid can be a serious concern, and by identifying what the colors of leaking fluid means, you will be able to properly identify what is actually leaking from your vehicle. Below are the meanings behind the colors of the most commonly leaked fluids. Depending on the severity of what is leaking, you may want to consider obtaining auto repair in St. Paul, MN.


Green, yellow, pink


If you notice the fluid underneath your vehicle is green, yellow, pink – or in some instances, looks like slime – then the fluid leaking from your vehicle is most likely coolant (also known as antifreeze). The fluid will feel sticky to the touch, and while it isn’t a serious issue, you need to seek out auto repair in St. Paul, MN so you do not run into any problems in the near future. Ignore the problem long enough, and your vehicle will overheat, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.


Clear or Brown


If you notice a clear or brown leaking fluid underneath your automobile, kneel down and touch it. If it feels slick, then you are likely leaking brake fluid. Thus, do not even think about driving your vehicle for auto repair in St. Paul, MN! Rather, call a tow truck to transport your automobile to your favorite auto repair professional. The reason is simple: without brake fluid, your brakes will most likely stop working altogether (which could be fatal). Make the smart, responsible decision, and have it towed immediately!


Reddish/light brown


If you spot fluid underneath your automobile that is reddish or light brown, then you may have a power steering fluid problem on your hands. Before you jump to this conclusion, identify where the fluid is sitting. If the leak is near the front of your automobile, then you have a power steering problem, meaning you need to obtain auto repair in St. Paul, MN at your earliest convenience.


Reddish and thin, brown and thick


If you spot leaking fluid that is reddish and thin or brown and thick, take a look at where it is sitting. If it is near the center of your vehicle, then you have a transmission leak. If this is the case, obtain auto repair in St. Paul, MN immediately, as it could be a sign that your transmission is about to fail.


Light brown or black


One of the most common leaks, if you spot leaking fluid that is light brown or black, then you are experiencing an engine oil leak. If it’s a little drip, there probably isn’t even a reason to obtain auto repair in St. Paul, MN. Find the source of the leak and seal it.


Clear, thin liquid


Here’s a rule of thumb: if it looks like water and feels like water, then it’s probably water. If so, there’s no need to worry!

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