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It is important to know when something is not working correctly with your car. Staying alert and paying close attention to warning lights not only prevents future damage to your car, but it also ensures your own safety.

Lucky for us, warning lights will pop up on the dashboard when a problem is detected. But what do these warning lights mean? According to a survey by Schrader International, 43% of people claimed that they do not know what the low tire pressure light looks like. This can be a serious safety threat to not only the driver, but those surrounding them as well.

Here are five important warning lights that you should be aware of:

Oil Pressure Warning

Oil is necessary to keep the internal components of the engine running smoothly. Your engine is easily the most valuable part of your car, so it is important that it is properly lubricated and cooled.

When the oil pressure light comes on, this could mean that you have an oil leak or that your engine is burning oil. Either way, it is important that you get the oil level back to normal. Do not over fill the engine as this could cause damage. If you are still continuing to have problems, take your car in for an inspection.

The oil pressure light looks like a oil can.

Temperature Warning

When the temperature warning light turns on, your car most likely has a coolant leak, bad water pump, or faulty thermostat. A car that has cooling problems can cause the engine to overheat. This damage can cost thousands of dollars to rebuild or fix the engine. Take your car to a mechanic as soon as the temperature warning light comes on.

The temperature warning light looks like a thermometer on top of water.

Low Tire Pressure Warning

When the low tire pressure light turns on, you should pull over to and inspect your tires. If you see that a tire has gone flat, you should mount a spare tire or call roadside assistance. If the tire isn’t completely flat, it should still be filled up to its normal pressure. Low tire pressure can cause problems with steering, which is a major safety issue.

The low tire pressure light has an exclamation point that looks as if it is in the middle of a horseshoe.

 Low Battery Warning

Your battery will typically last 4 or 5 years on average. When the low battery warning light turns on, the battery should be replaced within the next few days. If this warning light goes unnoticed, you may end up with stranded with a car that is unable to start.

The low battery light looks like a car battery.

Brake Fluid Warning

Your brakes are the most important safety device on your car. When the brake fluid light comes on, this could indicate a brake fluid leak or another serious problem in your brake system.

If this warning goes unnoticed, you may have minimal stopping power, which is a major safety hazard. When the light turns on, get your brake system inspected as soon as possible.

The low brake fluid warning light looks like an exclamation point in the middle of a circle that is enclosed in parentheses.

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