Honda Repair Shop West St.PaulYou purchased a new Honda and it’s time for service. Now comes decision time. Do you take your car to an independent Honda repair shop West St.Paul drivers trust or to the dealership? Consider the myriad of benefits to trusting Signal Garage Auto Care Auto Care when it comes to your car.

  1.       Personal Service

First and foremost, we are dedicated to our customers. We are a local and family owned business that has spent over four decades building relationships with the community. We want you to choose Signal Garage Auto Care not just for one repair, but as your trusted auto repair shop for every maintenance and Honda service. With 44 years in business, we have come to know many customers and their cars, from the popular Accord to the family friendly Odyssey.

  1.       Education

Signal Garage Auto Care thinks it’s important for every customer to have basic car knowledge. We show our customers our working space, explain what service is being done, and the differences between a bad part and a good one. Our focus on sharing our car expertise is a big reason we are a female friendly business. We even offer free car care clinics to teach customers how to avoid being ripped off, questions to ask an auto repair shop, and what maintenance items are important in a Honda tune-up and which ones aren’t.


  1.       Expert Repairs

When it comes time for any maintenance, service, or repairs on your vehicle it is essential to make sure it is done right at a dedicated West St. Paul Honda repair shop. Our service advisors and technicians are nationally certified by the gold standard in auto tech certification, Automotive Service Excellence. Our technicians have years of experience working on all types of Honda vehicles and are able to complete repairs in a timely and meticulous fashion. In addition to rigorous training and dedicated work, we offer a Triple Guarantee.

In conclusion, the most important decision with repairing your vehicle is not whether you take it to a local Honda repair shop or a dealership, but building trust between you and your mechanic. Read reviews, feel free to ask us questions, and start a relationship with a team you can rely on. Signal Garage Auto Care is proud to offer personal service, car education, and expert repairs to our customers from two locations, West St. Paul and Grand Ave. When you need a friendly and professional Honda tune up, Signal Garage Auto Care is standing by to help you with everything related to Honda maintenance and repairs.